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"This program is truly transformational.  My colleague and friend participated in 2015 and the turn around in her life was so impactful that several of her co-workers participated in the program the next year.  Thank you Minister Darlene and team, you have are truly world changers.  

- B King

Felicia McCray

As I sit here thinking about my experience with DOZ-WOD, I cannot help but be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a ministry of women who are dedicated to teach, inspire, and encourage other women to discover who they are in God; God's purpose for their lives, and to walk i it!  These past 5 months for me have been phenomenal, enlightening, and transformational.  What I thought I needed at the beginning of the program is not what God was saying I needed.  Once I began to submit to the process, God began to reveal to me what needed.  It was simple; to recognize who I am in Him, and because of this I walk in boldness with His anointing upon and in me.  I walk with confidence with a renewed sense of who I am and having been stripped of an identity placed upon me by this world and truly taking on the identity of Christ Jesus my Lord and Savior.  I am honored to be a Daughter of Zion/Woman of Destiny.

- Felicia MCray

2016 Mentee

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