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Special Awards

Demetria McNair receives Pastor Marian Ellison Award

Pastor Marian Ellison Woman of Excellence Award:

This award is established to honor the late Pastor Marion Ellison and the spirit of excellence she provided as a Pastor and member of Daughters of Zion. The Mentee is selected by the 14 Mentor Board Members based on what we observed about this individual during the DOZ-WOD program. Each Mentor voted resulting in this individual winning this award. This Mentee exhibited the spirit of excellence in cooperation and participation in the process of the DOZ-WOD program. She has fulfilled all the requirements in our letter of commitment. Despite her personal family challenges and time of grief, she attended all the mandatory sessions even though it was permissible to miss two. At each session, she engaged and actively participated and interacted with her fellow Mentees. During the program, this individual demonstrated her growth and leadership ability and was also rewarded advancement on her job during this season. She is a woman of excellence and a definite rising star whom you will hear about in the future in her career and perhaps even in ministry.   

 Most Congenial Award:

This award is voted for by the Mentees, based on the Mentee whom they thought was most warm, friendly and willing to help her fellow Mentees and Mentors in what every way that she could. She is one that would always reach out to other Mentees if they missed a session or seemed troubled. This young lady has such a heart of compassion everyone loved being around her. She has an engaging personality and is always willing to go the extra mile to help wherever she can.  The winner of the Most Congenial Award goes to Miss Avi Ambroise.  

Servitude Award

This award is given to the Mentee in this program who exhibited an attitude of servitude through the duration of the program. She attended all sessions and availed herself to help everyone in the process, including the Mentors.  She was always the first to arrive early for each session to help set up and always the last to leave after cleaning up.  She was always willing to shop for needed items and would often call to offer her assistance with anything.  She was also always one that wished to serve our speakers and guests to make sure that they were comfortable and provided special attention.  This person was observed by both the Mentees, Mentors, and Mighty Men  of Valor during their visit with us, for the great growth that she exhibited and for her heart to serve others.  

Community Outreach Award

As a part of the program, each Mentee is expected to participate in some Community Outreach activity. Last year the Mentees visited the Fort Lauderdale Ronald McDonald House with gifts, food, and clothing for sick children and their families.  This year the Mentees participated in reaching out and serving as gracious hostesess at the recently held ICABA Salutes Caribbean Excellence prestigious Awards event, at the Tower Club in Fort Lauderdale, raising emergency funds for Haiti and the Bahamas. We will also visit the Ronald McDonald House for a special Christmas visit. However, we had a unique Mentee in this year’s program that reached out with her gifts and talents to help her fellow Mentees, Mentors, friends, various individuals in her church and community.  This Mentee demonstrated such passion and consistency that we felt it necessary to create a new award this year. Every Tuesday and Thursday she would encourage the ladies to join in a fun run/ walk, and exercise for 30-45 minutes on the Faith Center grounds. She would diligently bring her high-tech weight scale to take our weight, recording our fat, water and muscle loss or gain. She would also record the progress, give advice and make further recommendations. She did an outstanding job in motivating us.

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